Dear Patient,

It has been our pleasure to care for you today.  Having surgery is never pleasant, but we hope your surgical and anesthetic experience has exceeded your expectations.  We know you have a wide selection of healthcare providers, and we are grateful that you have chosen a facility serviced by Ohio Anesthesia Group.  If you have any questions regarding your care, please contact us.

What Happens Next?

You will be contacted by SurveyVitals for feedback on your anesthesia experience.   This communication will take place either by a text to your cell phone or via your land line.  The survey consists of about 20 questions regarding your anesthesia care. We will ask you to rate your anesthesia provider(s) in several categories.  We are always trying to improve, and we need your help.   We thank you in advance for your participation.

We are an independent healthcare company and are not employed by the surgical facility. You will receive a bill for our services in about a month. In order for you to receive the appropriate insurance benefit we need your current insurance information.  This is especially true if you are utilizing Workman’s Compensation.  It is your responsibility to present the correct insurance information.  Usually the facility shares your insurance coverage with us, but sometimes they do not have the most recent information.  Occasionally when the coverage is corrected at the facility, it is not communicated in a timely fashion. If we receive a denial from an insurance company for non-coverage, we will contact you for updated information.  

Healthcare bills can be confusing due to the complexities of insurance contracting as well as governmental requirements.  Generally, anesthesia bills are based upon the procedure you have and the amount of time that that procedure takes.  Longer and more complex procedures will generate higher bills.  In addition, you may receive two bills from us.  This would occur if there was an anesthetist (CRNA or c-AA) and an anesthesiologist involved in your care.  Please understand that the total amount due OAG in this circumstance is no different to that if you only have one provider.  The remaining amount charged will be adjusted off by our billing company.  Governmental payers require us to bill in this fashion and this has become the industry standard.

If your insurance company chooses not to contract with OAG or if you are uninsured, please contact our office to arrange payment.  OAG has payment plans, prompt payment policies, and financial relief plans for these circumstances.

We wish you a rapid and safe recovery.  If you have any questions about your care or your bill please call our office at (330)499-5700.

Alfred Martello, MD
Medical Director
Ohio Anesthesia Group

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