In many countries, demand exceeds supply, and blood services face the challenge of making blood available for patient.

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To save a life, you don’t need to use muscle. By donating just one unit of blood, you can save three lives or even several lives.

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Blood is the most precious gift that anyone can give to another person.Donating blood not only saves the life also donors.

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Our priority is the provision of high quality anesthesia care, keeping you safe and comfortable during your operation. This process starts preoperatively with the careful evaluation of each patient's medical history in order to determine the appropriate anesthetic plan. This individualized attention helps us minimize complications and side effects of our anesthetic medications.

We continually monitor patients throughout the procedure, support their breathing, and correct physiologic changes in the patient's heart rate and blood pressure. We administer a variety of fluids and indicated medications. We continually adjust anesthetic depth based upon the patient's response.

When necessary, we manage and direct resuscitation of the very ill.

You will be in our care throughout the peri-operative period.   This includes your care in the post-anesthesia care unit (recovery room), where we will provide medications to control pain and nausea.  Once stable, you will be returned to the care of your surgeon.


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