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About Us

Mission Statement

Ohio Anesthesia Group, Inc. ("OAG") is a leading independent health care provider in Ohio. OAG's core principle is that strong, independent providers are the key to high-quality, cost-effective health care delivery.

OAG was founded in 2007 in response to the extreme conditions anesthesia groups were facing in the health care market. OAG's leadership believed that a better business model would provide a means for anesthesiologists to maintain professional and financial independence. OAG focuses on maintaining and improving efficiency and quality. OAG has achieved this goal by taking advantage of the economies of scale created by OAG to acquire the resources necessary to meet the increasing demands placed on anesthesiology groups. OAG focuses on fostering strong partnerships with independent, community based facilities that deliver high quality health care at the low end of the cost curve. This allows OAG and its partnered facilities to remain viable as the crisis our health care system faces today plays out.

OAG believes that it is vitally important to the health care system that OAG and other high quality, low cost independent providers survive and thrive to maintain competitive balance and meaningful alternatives to the high cost mega-systems that are currently dominating many markets in Ohio.